Ace of Base - Classic Remixes (2009)

01 Wheel Of Fortune (2009)
02 Don't Turn Around (2009)
03 The Sign (The Remix)
04 Cruel Summer (Soul Poets House Bust)
05 Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry (Sweetbox Funky Mix)
06 Life Is A Flower (Soul Poets Night Club Mix)
07 All That She Wants (Madness Version)
08 Lucky Love (Raggasol Version)
09 Travel To Romantis (Love To Infinity Master Mix)
10 C'est La Vie (Always 21) [Remix]
11 Happy Nation (Moody Gold Mix)
12 Hallo Hallo (Dub)
13 Living In Danger (D-House Mix Short Version)
14 Beautiful Life (Lenny B's House Of Joy Club Mix)
15 Megamix (Long Version)
16 Don't Turn Around (7'' Aswad Mix)
17 Wheel Of Fortune (Clubmix)


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